A continuous bug finding competition

We release a corpus of buggy binaries every month. You earn points by making them crash. At the end of each month, we declare a winner and release an answer key.

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What's this?

By running monthly bug finding competitions, we hope to provide an unbiased evaluation of vulnerability discovery techniques. We use automated bug insertion to generate a new corpus of buggy programs for each competition. After each, we release our data so everyone can learn from the results.

Who's winning?

Currently NU_Eclipser is in the lead after finding 12 bugs. In total, 19 unique bugs have been found.

Rode0day-20.02 began 14 days, 37 minutesFeb 05, 05:00PM UTC ago and will end in 13 days, 23 hoursMar 04, 05:00PM UTC.

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How do I play?

Your first rode0day is as simple as:
  1. Create an account
  2. Download the challenges using the API
  3. Find an input to trigger a bug
  4. Submit your input to our API

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